USEFUL THINGS: The Wonder Weeks App

  This app was and still is an immense help. Before having children I believed that children gradually grew and developed day by day at an even rate. I have since learnt that they go through mental leaps (growth spurts) where they suddenly learn a lot of new things. Usually this is when babies and […]

My Second Birth Experience (VBAC)

My first birth experience was traumatic  (read about it here) and so I went through quite the journey when preparing for my second birth (read about it here and here).

Kicking Off 2018 With Gratitude Towards My Body

One of my latest interests is studying boundaries. Boundaries can be external (with others) and internal (with yourself). I have learnt that my boundaries have generally not been what they should be and so one of my goals for 2018 is to practice better internal boundaries especially in terms of self-care so as to avoid […]