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My favourite breastfeeding resources

Who knew that something that is seemingly so natural has so much misinformation, prejudice and mystery around it? Here are some links that I have found invaluable in my breastfeeding journey so far: Le Leche League South Africa’s Facebook Group:   The World Health Organization’s Global strategy for infant and young child feeding says: “As […]

Rustenberg Manor House Garden Open Day 2015

On Sunday my mother and I took the little one on a stroll through the Rustenberg Manor House Gardens. It felt like we had stepped into Jane Austen novel and I half expected Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley to come galloping past. It was a treat for all the senses. My photographs do not even do […]

Christmas Gifts

Open letter to online shops

Dear Online Stores,   As a working mom I am a huge fan of online shopping. Anything that allows me to spend more quality time focused on my child is a huge win. So firstly thank you!   I have an idea that would be mutually beneficial to the both of us. Why not let […]