5 Things I Learnt from Pregnancy


I loved my pregnant belly
I loved my pregnant belly


  1. The incredible love you can feel for another being that you have not officially met yet. I knew I loved my child but when I thought I was losing him I realized just how much.
  2. How powerful the mind is. Every pregnancy is different but the amount of unpleasant symptoms that pregnant momma’s can overcome in order to carry on with life is nothing to sniff at.
  3. People will surprise you. Before you fall pregnant you may think certain people will be excited for you and that others will run for the hills out of fear. Often people will react in ways you could never have predicted.
  4. It is okay to say no. There is no ways that I had the energy to commit to everything I normally would have. Sometimes it’s best to politely decline than to half commit and be grumpy when living out the commitment.
  5. Sometimes you can’t control every detail. This should actually be point number one on the list. Not being able to control my own body was seriously challenging for me.

Pregnancy is a miraculous, scary and joyful time that I will always cherish.

*Photo credit: Claire le Roux

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