Oh lief tummy wax

5 Things I Loved While Pregnant


  • Oh-Lief Aqueous Cream, R99.00

Oh Lief Aqueous Cream

This body cream is divine. It absorbs so well into the skin and it left my dry itchy pregnancy skin feeling super soft, nourished and comfortable.


  • Oh-Lief Natural Olive Tummy Wax, R99.00

Oh lief tummy wax

This deeply moisturising wax gives the kind of intense moisture boost that a burgeoning preggo belly needs. It also melts into your skin and absorbs so well that you are not left feeling sticky or oily.

  • Carriwell Belly Bands


These are extremely useful at converting normal jeans into preggo friendly jeans. Who wants to spend a fortune on clothes you will only wear a few months? I would rather save up and buy something fun as an incentive to lose the baby weight.


  • Woolworths Soups, R24,95

Woolworths Soup

I was permanently exhausted while pregnant and most salad ingredients landed up on the pregnancy food aversions list so these super easy and nutritious meals were right near the top of my favourite meals list.

  • Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

I got super uncomfortable and sleeping was quite a challenge but this pillow was a huge help. It helped me position myself in such as way that the weight of my belly was supported and also stopped me from rolling onto my back.

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