5 Tips for Staying Motivated as a Working Mom

I wrote this for someone else when they were having a bad day. So it is rather ra ra. Take it for what it is –  a pep talk for when life gets tough.

  1. Schedule quality time with your children. I once heard of a mom who had regular ‘dates’ with her children. This entailed setting aside quality one-on-one time with each child doing fun activities on a regular basis. Never underestimate the value of quality time over sheer quantity of time together.

  1. Stay focused on your life goals and priorities. These do change but it helps to have them firmly in your mind so that in moments of chaos you are able prioritize what is most important.
  2. Work smart to avoid burnout. A valuable nugget of information a colleague once gave me was that becoming a mother forced her to really reevaluate her time management and found that by really focusing on the big fish she not only managed to clock out at a reasonable hour on a regular basis but actually improved her job performance as her focus was intensely on the important task. Ever heard of the 80-20 rule? It works!
  3. Sometimes having a career allows you to channel your ambitions on your own career and be less tempted to base your own ego on your child’s abilities and choices. That’s not to say that you won’t be proud of your child’s achievements but it will be just that, their achievements. We can support them as best as we can without placing the emotional pressure on them that their parent’s wellbeing and happiness rests on their performance.
  4. Women, but particularly mothers, in senior corporate positions are still a relatively new thing and so you can see yourself as a trailblazer. Whenever the going gets tough remind yourself that you are paving the way for future generations. You are showing your children what it means and what it takes to be a working mother. Be proud of yourself momma you can do this!

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