Book Review: Australian Women’s Weekly The Country Table Cookbook

I am a firm believer that finding beauty and joy in food as it is one of the most basic joys in life but my rarest resource is time. Therefore, you will find that most of the majority of dishes and reviews on this section of the blog will be of time effective food and drink solutions.

This is my all time favourite cookbook:

The Country Table 4 The Country Table 3 The Country Table 2 The Country Table

Hubby and I received this cookbook as an engagement present and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It is simply beautiful. The photography and layout are so wonderfully put together that I often just page through it like a coffee table book looking at the pictures, even when I have no intention of using any of the recipes.

I am particularly charmed with the fact that the majority of the recipes call for ingredients that you are already likely to have in your pantry (a girl can dream of a kitchen big enough for a pantry right?). This also means you can pretty much locate all the ingredients in Pick n Pay without having to sound like an idiot asking for random ingredients that you can’t even pronounce and trust me, as a fussy eater there are many ingredients that fall way off my radar.

For those that are worried about calories there is an estimated calorie count per serving with each recipe.

Something that I have to mention is the simplicity of these recipes. They seem to omit as many unnecessary steps as possible. Recipes for the same cake that would normally take me double the amount of time to prepare are suddenly super simple to prepare.

Another plus is that this is kid friendly… again as a really picky eater myself I can safely say that this book will have many family favourites.


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