The Tenderness of Wolves Book Cover

Book Review: The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penny

How long does it take until the book grips you?

The first chapter, however I must note that this is a rather character driven novel and so if you are like my husband and feel that the inner emotional drama of a character is not that interesting then you may not enjoy this book. The way that the story unravels by jumping between the different characters stories and the past and present made me feel like it lends itself to being a movie script. Since reading the book I have Googled it and according to Wikipedia Stef Penney originally wrote this as a movie script… so that explains that. Apparently it has also been turned into a BBC radio drama.

On a level of Sweet Valley High to Virginia Woolf how complex is the writing?

Somewhere in the middle. It has themes and a few human rights issues weaved in so you will like you have engaged your brain but not to the extent that you can just switch off and just enjoy the storyline.

When would you recommend reading it?

In Winter in front of a huge fire, wearing a onsie, with the book in one hand a bottomless hot chocolate in the other.

Where can I buy the book:

Well I swiped it from my mother’s collection but you can buy it here:


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