Sugar and My Health

Growing up I never had acne beyond the odd pimple once a month. The time that they appeared was always very obviously hormonally related. After they appeared they healed up well and disappeared leaving behind barely any signs that they were once there. However in second year varsity my breakouts became worse. A number of beauticians […]

Baby Gaze

My favourite breastfeeding resources

Who knew that something that is seemingly so natural has so much misinformation, prejudice and mystery around it? Here are some links that I have found invaluable in my breastfeeding journey so far: Le Leche League South Africa’s Facebook Group:   The World Health Organization’s Global strategy for infant and young child feeding says: “As […]

Nautical Cake

Our Baby Shower

My friends and family spoilt hubby, baby and I rotten with a fabulous nautical themed baby shower and I thought I should share some of the photos:   *Photo credit: Claire le Roux