I Never Expected to Lose Friends

A friend of mine said to make a list about how I planned to parent and then read it for a laugh a year or two down the line. There are many things on that list that totally did not happen as planned (that is a story for another day) but one of them was […]

Why all mothers are working mothers

What is a working mom? I have been giving this quite a bit of thought lately and this is my conclusion – ‘working’ moms, work-from-moms and housewives are all working mothers. 

5 Things I Learnt from Pregnancy

    The incredible love you can feel for another being that you have not officially met yet. I knew I loved my child but when I thought I was losing him I realized just how much. How powerful the mind is. Every pregnancy is different but the amount of unpleasant symptoms that pregnant momma’s can overcome […]