5 Things I Learnt from Pregnancy

    The incredible love you can feel for another being that you have not officially met yet. I knew I loved my child but when I thought I was losing him I realized just how much. How powerful the mind is. Every pregnancy is different but the amount of unpleasant symptoms that pregnant momma’s can overcome […]

Oh lief tummy wax

5 Things I Loved While Pregnant

  Oh-Lief Aqueous Cream, R99.00 This body cream is divine. It absorbs so well into the skin and it left my dry itchy pregnancy skin feeling super soft, nourished and comfortable.   Oh-Lief Natural Olive Tummy Wax, R99.00 This deeply moisturising wax gives the kind of intense moisture boost that a burgeoning preggo belly needs. […]

Book Review: Australian Women’s Weekly The Country Table Cookbook

I am a firm believer that finding beauty and joy in food as it is one of the most basic joys in life but my rarest resource is time. Therefore, you will find that most of the majority of dishes and reviews on this section of the blog will be of time effective food and […]