Kicking Off 2018 With Gratitude Towards My Body

One of my latest interests is studying boundaries. Boundaries can be external (with others) and internal (with yourself). I have learnt that my boundaries have generally not been what they should be and so one of my goals for 2018 is to practice better internal boundaries especially in terms of self-care so as to avoid the burn out that I suffered at the end of last year. I’ll discuss more about what I have learnt about boundaries in another post but as such one of my goals in 2018 is to practice better self-care(mind, body and soul) and gratitude towards my body.

If you read this blog then you’ll know that learning to respect and appreciate my body rather than be ashamed of it has been a big part of my journey into motherhood. As mentioned in a previous post there are certain words that I was not even able to verbalise as they made me blush and die of embarrassment. One of those words was kegels. Well can I tell you that one of the first events that I’ll be attending in 2018 is called, Kegels and Karma? Contrary to what some of my friends assumed, it won’t be an entire day attempting to do kegel exercises. It’s actually a women’s wellness day. The website says the day will help you:

  • Set goals for the new year.
  • Learn about your body.
  • Start the year off balanced.
  • Open yourself to new experiences.
  • Find gratitude for your body.
  • Learn about women’s health, pelvic & core health.
  • Eat. Shop. Laugh. Listen. Feel Alive.

One of the activities will be a Low Pressure Fitness workshop. I am particularly excited about this as it is said to really help with ‘mummy tummy’. I carried my second (huge) baby boy very far out and stretched my abdominal muscles into oblivion.

Low Pressure Fitness Training (LPF) is an awesome training programme that improves posture, breathing and the tones the deep abdominal core system to work in an anticipatory/automatic manner to support  the body in every movement it makes. It balances or “kick starts” the core system to function as the system it was designed to. It trains the deep abdominal muscles in resting tone which is super important for the core to be the functional, supportive system it was designed to be. After the initial beginner phase clients can gradually add other functional exercises, build on their training programmes, increase intensity of training and return to activities they enjoy.

Event organiser Shirley Boersson has brought LPF to SA and as such this will be the first event of its kind in SA. If you are keen to also come along to the event get your tickets here.

They only cost R285.00 which is a steal if you look at what all the event entails.

Happy 2018!

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