Our First Home

Any of my loved ones could tell you, buying a house has been an obsession of mine for many years. Every spare cent has been saved in the hopes of one day owning a little piece of land to call home. Well folks, the day arrived! Hubby dearest and I finally have that elusive piece of paper saying that we own a home. It may be little and uninhabitable at present but it’s ours and we love it.


We are beyond excited… And we are terrified! We have until April when baby arrives to turn the navy green ruins into a pretty and livable home. Brace yourselves for some posts about dust, DIY, removing the smell of dog and my, hopefully, glorious new kitchen!


Am I the only crazy person who loves renovating?

4 thoughts on “Our First Home

  1. I am not a stalker ok…..just found your blog, we also renovated (still busy) while I was preggers with my last one (he is 2 now)….yes we should have our heads read! LOL!

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