Sugar and My Health


Growing up I never had acne beyond the odd pimple once a month. The time that they appeared was always very obviously hormonally related. After they appeared they healed up well and disappeared leaving behind barely any signs that they were once there. However in second year varsity my breakouts became worse. A number of beauticians noted that they thought is was hormone related. I eventually went onto oral birth control in the hopes that the pill would clear my skin. Although it definitely helped it did not clear my breakouts completely and only lessened it. I was still left feeling self conscious.

Fast forward a few years and my gynae informed me that I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). One of the side effects of this syndrome is acne. I was devastated by this diagnosis particularly because it left me uncertain as to whether we would be able to have children and if we did have children what our journey to conception would be. However it did get me Googling and for some reason I now felt equipped to start finding ways to help my skin. I basically learned that this syndrome was closely linked to sugar and insulin (very bad explanation). From all the stories that I read about women who successfully managed the side effects of PCOS, the trick seemed to be in controlling their sugar levels.

Two years ago I quit sugar for a few months. I cut out anything that listed added sugar as an ingredient. I was super strict and even cut out beloved sauces. I treated sugar as an addiction, with the idea that trying to manage my intake rather than completely eliminate it would lead to relapse. It was hard but the thought of never having children was devastating and gave me the most determination I have ever had in my life. Long story short my skin started to heal and after two months the cravings slowly started to subside. Almost as if my body was reprogramming itself.

I did fall pregnant without fertility treatment (Hallelujah!). I can’t help but wonder if cutting out sugar didn’t have something to do with it?

A few months into pregnancy and I started eating sugar again and my skin and general health also gradually worsened. So today, a year or two down the line, and I am hoping that by cutting out sugar I can not only heal my skin but the rest of my body as well. And to hold myself accountable I will document my journey on this blog.

I will aim to do weekly updates as I go.

Wish me luck!!

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