The Sisterhood of Working Moms

Being a mom is tough. Being a good mom is tougher. Being a working mom? It’s like watching a toddler learn to stand and then sit back down. It’s a momentous, life altering and joyful journey where discovering new skills through exploring one’s capabilities regularly ends in tears due to the inevitable bumps along the way.

I have also come to realise that I do not have any close relatives to guide me through this new journey of being a working mother. I have no role model to tell me the honest truth and deeply personal battle stories of how they not only survived but thrived at being a working mother. Surely I cannot be the only one with this dilemma? Surely I am not the only mom out there who in search of someone who has blazed the trial before them?

I hope that this blog will grow into a space where moms can share their honest stories, turning points, survival tips and inspiration.

Are you a working mom? What challenges have taken you by surprise?

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