Waking to someone breaking in

I woke in the middle of the night last night with someone trying to break into our house. So naturally I woke hubby and told him to press the panic button next to him. Instead he ran towards the criminal in a half asleep crazy state shouting, “What are you doing?” in his underpants. All the while, I pressed the emergency button, called ADT and alerted the neighbours. Apparently he was channelling Superman? Gathering instinct 1. Hunting instinct 0. Our toddler was just mildly irritated by the disturbance and tried his utmost to sleep through it. I think my mother-in-law’s advice that break-in’s are best managed by the woman in the family is probably worth some consideration. What if the intruder had shot hubby?


I am not naturally a calm person (very far from it) and yet I was extremely calm throughout the whole thing and only freaked out afterwards. I suppose that I have run through what to do in this instance many times in my mind and so I literally just went into autopilot. I did freak out – afterwards. And you can be guaranteed that no sleep happened after everything calmed down.


Do you have an emergency plan in place? If so any useful hints and tips? Also when last did you check your alarm? It turns out that our emergency button did not register as an emergency button and only as a zone in our house. Not ideal! Guess what is getting fixed today!!

Also I must just say that our neighbours were amazing. If you do not have a neighbourhood Whatsapp group I highly recommend putting one together. It was a massive comfort knowing that our neighbours were there to help.

*Image from ADT’s website.

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